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Connect with the power of intention and manifestation with this enchanting handcrafted doll. This doll is a one of a kind creation that I intuitively filled with a blend of natural elements and meaningful symbols to aid in manifesting your intentions.

To fill the heads of the dolls, I use ingredients like dried herbs, stones, tree bark, resins, dried flowers, shed snake skin, shells, bones, coins, written intentions and symbols and whatever else calls to me. Every ingredient is chosen for its energetic properties. The ingredients work in harmony to support your energy and amplify your intentions. This doll is not just an object. She’s a guide and companion on your spiritual/life journey.

Crafted with protective elements, she also serves as a guardian against negative energies and a conduit for positive change.

To use the doll, hold her and clearly state your intention or desire. Put her in a space where you’ll see her daily. She serves as a reminder to set and feed your intention.

Use her in your spiritual practices, whether it's meditation, prayer or other rituals, to reinforce your intentions. Holding the doll during meditation or placing it in your sacred space can help bring your intentions into fruition.

Handle your doll with care and respect. Avoid direct sunlight and moisture to preserve the natural ingredients. Recharge her energy by placing her on a windowsill during the full moon.

Measurements: 4” x 10”
Sale price$ 29.00