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Her Medicine: To help you love yourself and others without judgement. 

This Gatekeeper was created with clay, salvaged textiles, natural yarn, salvaged wood, ethically sourced wool, paper, a key and wire.

The image represents the soul that she’s guarding. 
The key was intentionally added to symbolize the key to your liberation. 

Keys represent knowledge, opening new doors, clearing blockages, protection and setting boundaries. It’s said that keys give you access to unseen realms.

Measurements: 12.5"" Tall x  3.25" Wide x 1.5" Deep

She has a metal hanger on the back so she can hang on a wall.

I believe in treating nature with respect and protecting the well-being of all living beings. I never harm animals for food, art, ritual, or aesthetic purposes. Any animal-derived materials used in my creations have been ethically sourced or salvaged.
I invite you to join me on this journey towards a more conscious and compassionate way of living.
Before making a purchase, please read through my shop info to learn more about my shop policies.

Many Blessings to You

Sale price$ 125.00
Love Without Judgement - Gatekeeper Wall Hanging
Love Without Judgement - Gatekeeper Wall Hanging Sale price$ 125.00