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About seven months ago I felt a calling to create a collection of medicine bottles that would hold various types of natural medicine. I would intuitively add a layer or two and then put them away for awhile. Usually around the new or full moon I would feel them calling to me again so I would work with them a bit more. On the Gemini new moon I completed nine of them. This necklace is one of the nine.
This vessel is made of glass, specialty clay and cork.  It is adorned with amethyst for inner peace, inner strength and spiritual awareness. 
The bottle measures approximately 2"x 1" and hangs from a 24" vintage style copper chain with a clasp. 
The bottle is filled with mandrake root, frankincense tears and black obsidian.
Mandrake root is used for protection, to increase psychic abilities and to strengthen your connection to the other worlds. 
Frankincense Tears are used for psychic cleansing, warding off negative energy and is associated with the Pleiades.
Black obsidian is used for psychic protection, self reflection, clarity and accessing the subconscious mind. 
I have filled each bottle with intention and sealed it with ritual smoke. The bottles are not meant to be opened once they have been sealed but if your curiosity gets the best of you please be careful opening them as cork is very fragile. 
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