MEDUSA-(Ancient Forests, Blood Red Apples, Herbs, Resins, Spicy Peppers, Caramel, Vanilla)

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(Ancient Forests, Blood Red Apples, Herbs, Resins, Spicy Peppers, Caramel, Vanilla)
The story of Medusa is one of my favorite ancient myths. Medusa was portrayed as an evil creature who turned men into stone but I think she just too wise and mystical for her time.

To me, she represents a strong, wise, powerful female who has tapped into the ancient wisdom and medicine that snakes carry.
Perseus killed Medusa in the story but I feel that she is still a guide to many women today and will continue to be a source of power, wisdom and creativity to those who seek her assistance for many years to come. 
I created this oil to honor Medusa and the feminine strength that she symbolizes. Wear this oil if you're seeking wisdom, guidance, clarity, strength or if your creative energy has faded. To use, simply apply to pulse points and ask Medusa for what you are seeking assistance in.

This mystical oil is a blend of ancient forests, blood red apples, a magical brew of herbs and resins, spicy peppers and a drizzling of sweet caramel and vanilla infused with snake and moon energy. 
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