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I think of this necklace as a watcher and a guide. She was created to fill your heart and your soul with love. She will guide you towards embracing your light and your darkness so you can love and accept the divine being that you are.
She is meant to bring you the courage that is needed to truly live your life without being held back by fear.

This necklace was made from clay and a glass vial. The clay is coated in a protective finish. It hangs from a 21" large antique style chain with a clasp. The pendant is 1.75" x 1.25".

The vial contains rose petals and motherwort. Rose petals are used for self love, enhancing peaceful dreams, healing and to increase your psychic abilities.
Motherwort is used for self love, getting rid of negative energy and hexes, protection and purification.
Sale price$ 40.00