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This necklace feels like oneness to me. When I hold it I feel expansion and a rush of inner energy that flows out into everything and then back into me filling me with a sense of unity and connectedness.
To me, this feels like a vessel that guides you towards cosmic consciousness, self-discovery and oneness.

This necklace contains naturally shed snake skin and mugwort and is adorned with a chrysoprase stone.

The clay is etched with the Flower of Life Design.
The Flower of Life is one of the most sacred patterns in the universe. It is said to depict the fundamental forms of space and time. It is a visual expression of the connections that life weaves through all living things.  It is a symbol representing the source of all that exists. It symbolizes our consciousness, a higher awareness and being one with all that is.
Snake Medicine is very ancient and extremely powerful. Snake Medicine power includes wisdom, healing, initiation, elusiveness, transmutation, exploration of the mysteries of life, elemental energy, goddess energy, psychic visions, creative power and the ability to travel between the realms. Using Snake Medicine allows us to shed our skin (our illusions and limitations, getting rid of that which no longer serves us) to achieve peace, health and oneness.

Mugwort is associated with the goddesses of the moon and strengthens intuition. It also aids in lucid dreaming, astral travel and divination.

Chrysoprase is a high vibrational stone of healing, happiness, forgiveness and fearlessness. It promotes self love, self acceptance, self confidence and letting go of the ego. It helps you to step out of your comfort zone and into life. Chrysoprase helps you to live fearlessly from the heart.

This necklace is made from clay and glass.

The bottle measures approximately 2.5" x 1" and hangs from a 20” chain with a clasp.

Sale price$ 48.50