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This necklace was designed to unlock other dimensions and realms to aid its wearer in shadow work and knowledge of the self.

It is hand made by me using a custom clay blend, varnish, glass beads and a beautiful crystal point. 

All of my creations carry energy that is unique to them. They usually don't reveal their purpose until halfway through their evolution but when they do, there is no denying what their job is. Many of them are here to offer spiritual renewal/awakening and emotional healing of some sort.

These are all made with an infusion of energies that I work with. Crystals, plants, the moon, the star people and snake/reptilian energy.

Many of these sculptures feel extremely ancient even though they have just been created. That is part of the medicine that I work with.

If you're feeling drawn to a specific one you are most likely needing that particular medicine in your life at this time. Listen to what your heart/intuition is telling you. You will know if it's meant for you. 

Details: Pendant is 2 3/4" tall and 1” Wide.        It hangs from a 20" antique bronze style chain with a clasp.

*In order to protect your necklace, please don’t get it wet.

**To cleanse/recharge your necklace place it in the moonlight of a full moon. 

Sale price$ 29.00