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I feel that this doll assists you in seeing from a new perspective, helps you tap into your inner wisdom and opens the portal to self trust, self knowing and self love. 

She was created using clay, glass eyes and repurposed textiles. Her hair is humanely sourced wool that has been hand dyed and spun. She wears a glass vial around her neck containing white pine bark, frankincense resin and tigers eye. 

White pine is known as the tree of peace.
It’s also used for protection, abundance and discovering your purpose. 

Frankincense is used for clarity, freedom of expression, spiritual enlightenment and opening the third eye. 

Tigers eye is said to help you release fear, promote inner strength, courage and self confidence and help you transmute negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones. 

Measurements: 15" Tall x 8.25" Wide x 4" Deep

This doll is not a toy. She is one of a kind and fragile. She has a wire hanger so she can be hung on a wall.

Sale price$ 375.00