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I created this necklace to serve as a guide for you on your sacred journey. She is intended to open you up to psychic communication and to gain clarity on your soul purpose. You may already be feeling the call but aren’t sure how to move forward. I created her to help open up your gateway to inner knowing so that you can step into your authentic soul purpose with clarity and courage. 

 This necklace was made from a quartz crystal, a ghost quartz stone, etched and stained clay and a found bone.

Quartz is beneficial for manifesting what you desire, all around healing, spiritual growth, mental clarity, meditation, protection, increasing inspiration, creativity and channeling. 

Ghost Quartz aids in growth and transformation. It also brings you wisdom, creativity and truth. 

The pendant measures 2.75” x 2” and hangs from a 20” antique style chain with a clasp. 

Sale price$ 52.00