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Her burdens are heavy but her spirit is strong.
Her creative river runs wildly through her veins and keeps her going through all of life’s challenges. 
She sees with the eyes of a mystic and the heart of a healer. She carries the wisdom and stories of the women that came before her.
Those stories do not confine or limit her.
They empower her and give her strength to go through this world heart first, trusting her intuition before anything else.  

Her hair is hand spun wool and her skirt is hand dyed mud cloth from Africa. She carries a hag stone as a reminder that the most beautiful and mystical things are often seen as broken or flawed. 

Materials Used: Clay, Wire, Handspun Wool, Paint, Textiles, Salvaged Wood, Hag Stone

Measurements: 20" Tall (including the wood) x 5.5" Wide x 4" Deep

Please note that these dolls are not toys. They are sacred and fragile. They are all attached to a piece of salvaged wood with a wire hanger so they can be hung on a wall or displayed on an altar.

Sale price$ 325.00