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This spirit doll was created to serve as a guide through your deepest and darkest places. I feel that in the shadows is where our true power lies. It's where we find the strength to empower ourselves and others. In today's society we are taught to hide our doubts, fears and vulnerability instead of working through them and that if you aren't "positive vibes only" and "love and light" that there's something wrong with you. This doll teaches you that there is nothing wrong with you. It's completely natural to have negative thoughts, feelings. experiences and emotions Life is about balance. This spirit doll helps you to navigate the dark aspects within you so you can heal them and transmute them into power instead of letting them hinder you from living your true purpose with compassion and joy. 

She was created with clay, found driftwood, wire, salvaged fibers and fabric, wool, a found bone and a hand carved bead.

Driftwood symbolizes freedom and teaches us to let go of attachment and to go with the flow.

She measures approximately 9.25" x 4" and hangs from a wire hanger on the back.
Sale price$ 145.00