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This doll is no stranger to the dark depths of growth, healing and transformation.

She carries with her a vial of naturally shed snake skin. 
Snake medicine is ancient and extremely potent.
It’s medicine includes wisdom, healing, initiation, transmutation, exploration of the mysteries of life, increased psychic visions, creative power and the ability to travel between the realms.
Using Snake Medicine allows you to shed your skin, your illusions and limitations, getting rid of that which no longer serves you to achieve mental peace, clarity, health and connectedness.

Materials Used: Clay, Wire, Handspun Wool, Glass Vial, Shed Snake Skin, Paint, Textiles, Salvaged Wood

Measurements: 21.5" Tall (including the wood) x 8.5" Wide x 4.5" Deep

Please note that these dolls are not toys. They are sacred and fragile. They are all attached to a piece of salvaged wood with a wire hanger so they can be hung on a wall or displayed on an altar.

Sale price$ 325.00