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 This spirit doll is in a series of seven. Unlike my other spirit dolls, these did not come to me with a story. They told me that the person that they are meant for would know their story and what medicine they carried. 

It is actually quite hard for me to read their energy at all so I know that they are special. They definitely all have personalities. While I was creating them, they would tell me what color their hair was, what fabrics they wanted to be adorned in and what accessories to add. There were times when they would tell me what they wanted and I would ask "really?" and try to adorn them in what I thought would look best. My ideas never worked and I would wind up using what they told me in the beginning and it would be perfect.

I feel that if you are meant for one of these dolls that you will know it the instant you see it. You will feel an immediate connection and you will know the story/medicine that they carry.

Materials Used: Clay, Wire, Carved Bone, Paint, Salvaged Textiles, Jute Yarn, Faux Fur, Shell, Driftwood

Measurements: 8.5" Tall x 5.75" Wide

Please note that these dolls are not toys. They are sacred and fragile. They all have a wire hanger so they can be hung on a wall or displayed on an altar.
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