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I got a message that I needed to make three medicine bags. When I say “got a message” it’s like getting a telepathic message from the universe. I’m not sure who delivers these messages but I’ve gotten them for as long as I can remember. 

Just as I was about to make the medicine bags I noticed a large red eared slider near my patio. It’s legs and the back of its shell were so caked in dried mud it could barely move. I honestly don’t even know how it got to my patio. I cleaned it up so it could walk again, watched it walk back down to the lake and then I went in to get the supplies for the medicine bags. While I was cleaning the turtle I got the feeling that turtle medicine was supposed to be incorporated into these bags. The first scrap of leather that I pulled out of my collection was reptile print. I took that as validation of what my intuition was telling me. I didn’t wash my hands before making the bags so the energy of the turtle could physically be infused into the leather. All of the bags are adorned with driftwood to bring in the water and earth element that turtles carry.
When I finished making the bags I looked up the symbolism of turtle medicine and this is what I found....

Turtle is the oldest symbol for our planet. Both the symbol and the animal spirit are a personification of goddess energy and the eternal mother from which life itself evolves. All of us are born of the Earth’s womb and to her soil our bodies return when our journey comes to an end. Turtle will ask us to be attentive to the cycle of give and take and to remember to give back to the mother as she has given to all of us.

Turtle asks us to honor the creative source that each of us has within us. She wants us to learn to be grounded to the Earth and to observe our situations with motherly compassion. Turtle has two energies, earth and water and we can use those to create a harmonious flow in our situations.

In the Native American tradition of animal totems, Turtle acts as the best teacher for the art of grounding. She helps us to focus on our thoughts and actions and to slow to a pace that assures completion of what lays before us. We learn to not “push the river” and cause a situation where resolution or completion doesn’t happen too soon. It is important to remember to allow things to happen at their own rate and in their own season.

As the turtle would bury her eggs, we need to bury our thoughts and allow them to hatch into what they should be. In other words, allow them to develop before we bring them out into the light for others to see or know about.

This information was found on the Native American Totems website by Beverly Owens.

This medicine bag measures approximately 3.25” x 5.25” and hangs from an 18” antique style chain with a clasp.
It's made from salvaged leather and driftwood. 
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