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This doll is in a collection of 13 dolls that I call Misfits.
I feel that they are in some way connected to the 13 moons.

These dolls represent those of us who often feel out of place in our extroverted society.
They are for the introverts, the empaths, the dreamers, the outsiders, the deep thinkers, the misunderstood, the loners, the socially anxious and awkward, the highly sensitive, the nonconformists and the misfits.
They are for those who feel disconnected from this society that often favors extroversion and sameness over authenticity and deep thinking. 

This doll is a reminder that it’s okay to be you, exactly as you are, and to embrace your uniqueness.
She’s a reminder that you are powerful, your voice is needed and your presence is a gift to this world. 
She’s a creative muse, a companion and a wise and sacred guide to the self and to the kindred spirits that journey through this world.

These dolls are all one of a kind and were intuitively created from salvaged cardboard, reclaimed textiles, paint, glue, paper, yarn, found bones, keys, real and fake fur scraps, feathers and charms.

Measurements: 2.25” x 8”
Sale price$ 38.00
Misfit Doll - Art Doll, Medicine Doll, Spirit Doll
Misfit Doll - Art Doll, Medicine Doll, Spirit Doll Sale price$ 38.00