SIMBI-(Vetiver, Oakmoss, Cedar, Patchouli, Musk, Tonka Bean)-Perfume, Cologne, Anointing, Ritual Oil

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(Vetiver, Oakmoss, Cedar, Patchouli, Musk, Tonka Bean)

Simbi is a Congo lwa and a water snake spirit who rules all aspects of magic and is said to be among the greatest of all magicians and ranks among the highest of Vodou spirits. He protects magical practitioners and teaches them magick. He is a healer, an herbalist and has the gift of clairvoyance. Simbi travels wherever he likes and is at home wherever he wishes to be. He is a patient but assertive spirit. He is a specialized lwa whose devotees tend to have esoteric interests. Simbi rules things that flow like water, words, information, emotions and electromagnetic energy. Simbi controls the flow of spirits into humans during ritual possessions and the rivers that separate the realms of the living and the dead.
He occasionally will serve as a psychopomp for deceased shamans and practitioners of the occult.

Simbi is a road-opener. He removes obstacles from our paths and aids in communication. He will also enlighten us on the use of medicinal herbs and natural healing.

When calling on Simbi, keep in mind that he usually appears as a snake, but he is a shape-shifter so don't be surprised if he comes to you in another form.


When I'm creating oils, I listen to the story, the deity, the purpose and the healing that wants to come through. I then tap into and dance with the spirits of the plants and the stones that want to be used. I take into consideration the season and the phase of the moon as well.

I only make one batch of oil at a time and due to the intuitive nature of the process I don’t keep recipes or attempt to duplicate blends once they have sold out.

The oils that I create are made with plant absolutes, dried herbs, flowers, crystals, high quality essential oils, fragrances, natural resins and botanical oils. The oil is strained before the final bottling so no dried material or crystals remain in the blend that you will receive. Only the energy of these ingredients remain. The oils are blended into a soy and nut free base oil and arrive ready to use. No dilution is necessary.

These oils can be applied to the pulse points and worn as a perfume or cologne. They can also be used to anoint the body or ritual items before a ritual or ceremony. You can add them to your bath to create a sacred bathing ritual or you can add a few drops to a diffuser to add some magick to a room. 

All of the oils that I create are cruelty free. When taking from nature I always ask for permission before taking something and I always leave an offering to thank the plant or stone for it’s medicine.


Use the drop down menu to select the size of oil you would like.
The oil in the first picture is the 5mL bottle.

By law I'm required to state that all of my products are handmade in my studio and have not been evaluated by the FDA. All of the information on my website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am not a medical doctor. The information on my website is strictly what I have learned from personal experience and research. It is not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional. Please do your research before using herbs and essential oils. Especially if you are pregnant, have a medical condition or are using them on children or animals. I am not responsible for how you use my products or any possible results that may occur from using my products. All magickal/ritual items are sold as curios only and there are no guaranteed results. That being said, I fully believe in the power of thought, intention and manifestation and I believe that there is magick in everything when we are open to seeing it. May you use your intuition to find the natural magic that resides within you and within the world.
With Love, HagRoot


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