BANSHEE-(Sacred Spices, Dark Cacao, Musk, AgarWood, Amber Resin, Fig)-Perfume, Cologne, Anointing, Ritual Oil

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(Sacred Spices, Dark Cacao, Musk, AgarWood, Amber Resin, Fig)

The banshee, also known as the Bean Sidhe, can be heard wailing the most haunting songs on the darkest of nights and crying tears of blood.

They are known as messengers of the Underworld. Some people believe that the cries of the banshee foretell doom, destruction, and death, while others think that her cries are her mourning the humans that have passed. She has been known to warn humans and even try to heal them so that they may avoid death.

The banshee is a shapeshifter and can appear in many forms. Some have seen her as a ghost-like fairy and others have described her as a cloaked hag. They are thought to be the cursed spirits of women.

Banshee is a haunting blend of sacred spices, dark cacao, soft musk, ripe fig, resinous agarwood and sweet amber.


The oils that I create take you on a journey through the senses, the soul and the imagination.

All of the oils that I create are made with plant absolutes, essential oils, fragrances, resins and botanical oils and are blended into a soy and nut free carrier oil.

All of my oils are intuitively created. Due to the nature of this process I only make one batch of oil at a time and I don’t keep recipes or attempt to duplicate blends once they have sold out.

These oils can be applied to the pulse points and worn as a perfume or cologne.
They can also be used to anoint the body before a ritual or ceremony.

All of the oils that I create are cruelty free and vegan. When taking from nature I always express my gratitude to the plant or stone for it’s medicine and I try to keep as many of my ingredients organic and sustainably harvested as possible.

The majority of my shipping and branding materials are recycled or reclaimed.
I hope that you can find creative ways to reuse or recycle them.

By law I'm required to state that all of my products are handmade in my studio and have not been evaluated by the FDA. All of the information on my website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am not a medical doctor. The information on my website is strictly what I have learned from personal experience and research. It is not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional. Please do your research before using herbs and essential oils. Especially if you are pregnant, have a medical condition or are using them on children or animals. I am not responsible for how you use my products or any possible results that may occur from using my products. All magickal/ritual items are sold as curios only and there are no guaranteed results. That being said, I fully believe in the power of thought, intention and manifestation and I believe that there is magick in everything when we are open to seeing it. May you use your intuition to find the natural magic that resides within you and within the world.
With Love, HagRoot


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